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UK-based American songwriter Kahal and accompanist Einstein work in and around East Sussex, England.  Read all about their sad and tedious history below...
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Born and raised in Virginia, Mark Leif Kahal (Leif to his friends) has a long history as a songwriter and performer.  He started out in Nashville, then Florida then Santa Monica, California, Houston, and New York City where he put together the first house band at the Lonestar Cafe, “Leif Kahal and The Horse You Rode In On” with Mandy Mercier.

Whilst gigging at Gerdes Folk City Leif met Tom Pacheco and the two ended up moving to Woodstock where they recorded  the Tom Pacheco Band at Levon Helm's studio.

Next, Leif and Mandy went down to New Orleans before moving to Austin, Tx where with Dan Earheart they became regulars on the Austin scene as “The Wild Cantinas”.

Moving  back to Nashville, Leif put together a new outfit with some of Dolly Parton’s band, the late Eddie Rabbitt and with Kathy Mattea as a backing singer.  The band was a regular on the Nashville club circuit gigging at the Bluebird Cafe and appearing on Nashville After Hours.

Still in Nashville, Leif and Tom Pacheco resumed writing and gigging together. The duo moved over to Dublin where in 1990 Leif met and married Maggie De Monde, an English pop star from the bands Swans Way and Scarlet Fantastic.

They recorded their first album together, Pilots Of The Impossible, in Birmingham UK 1991, working with Bob Lamb of UB40 at his studios.   From ’92 - 96 they were signed to Pete Waterman, who increasingly became diverted on railway projects(!).  The unreleased material from those years is now about to be released by another label.

After that Leif & Maggie gigged a lot as Mighty K, working on many different projects and in 2006 releasing an album, Club Silencio, with Crabbi of Pop Will Eat Itself.

Since then Leif has concentrated on production music for TV and radio.   He's now returning to his roots, with a new album, Dusty Roads In A Rear View Mirror, released 2013.


'Einstein' is multi-instrumentalist Cliff Baylis, on mandolin and backing vocals. Cliff first played mandolin at the age of twenty as an alternative to guitar and returned to it seriously in the 1990s.

For many years he concentrated on 'proper' jobs in business analysis and sofware production followed by spells as music shop manager, college lecturer, IT strategy advisor to the Probation Service and, latterly, rock crusher for a geological consultancy!  Throughout these times Cliff has always played music in his spare time with countless bands and duos around London and the South East.

Known for his improvisational approach to playing, Cliff is never happier than when sitting in and jamming, which is how Leif came to call him up on stage one day in in 2012.  The two found there was potential for more and so Kahal & Einstein came about.

Cliff's other musical activities are described here... if you really want to know.

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